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Updated January 6, 2003

Masters don’t live by training and competition alone. We also enjoy meeting and making friends, getting involved with clubs and associations -- and sometimes expressing ourselves online and in letters to the editor of National Masters News.’s current views are expressed in our blog.

Some masters cling to the notion that “negative criticism” of any sort is bad for the movement. “We shouldn’t knock the volunteers who make our sport possible,” they'll say. Or: “We shouldn’t compare one record to another, since aren't all records special?”

Well, yes and no. We should honor all officials who selflessly give of their time, but we should also hold them to reasonable standards of conduct and deportment.  And critiquing the elites?  It’s done every day. Check your local sports section. 

This section of is an archive of opinion articles on our beloved sport that aren’t always politically correct. So be it. But if you feel strongly on a subject -- even contrary to my views – you’re obligated to express them. I welcome private e-mail. 

But I encourage you to share your thoughts with your fellow masters as well.  Below are a few selected views from the past five years. 

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